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Network Audits

High-level review and assessment of your existing Network to proactively identify any issues and areas for improvement…













Wi-Fi Coverage and interference assesment in your areas of operation.


Testing to determine if network capacity and throughput is what it should be for your configuration.


One analogy is to think about us as high-tech Network Plumbers.  We ensure that your network pipes are the right capacity and are free from any clogs in order to keep your data flowing freely to and from the Cloud.


Wireless network technology has advanced significantly over the last decade and its reliability and throughput has improved.   However if not properly configured and maintained, Wi-Fi will be less reliable than a wired network. 


There are also additional challenges when setting up or troubleshooting a Wi-Fi network.  Since Wi-Fi utilizes radio transmissions many times the issues and solutions are not obvious.


These are some of our services and areas where we may be of assistance...

Performance Analysis

  • Internet Service Provider throughput

  • Ethernet throughput assesment

  • Wi-Fi throughput assesment

  • Capacity Analysis

  • Quality of Service





Wi-Fi Channel Usage in your area

  • Throughput and latency issues

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Spectrum Analysis













In this case the Spectrum analyzer shows a transmitter that is impacting the Wi-Fi signal on Ch-6.  


If your Wi-Fi was operating on Ch-6, this type of interference would impact your network performance


Design & Installation

  • Overall Network Design & Layout

  • Capacity Planning & Analysis

  • Installation & Configuration

  • Network & Site Documentation

  • Operational Verification Testing











  • Firewall Configuration & Rules

  • Vulnerability Assessment










Network Product Integration

  • Network IP Web & Security Cameras

  • File Servers (NAS - Network Storage)

  • Network Backup Solutions

  • AV & Sonos Media Networks

  • Automation Systems











We can provide input and guidance on future projects and needs.


We are Vendor independant and will work with you to come up with a viable solution based on your requirements.

Automation Systems

Expertise with Wi-Fi and Insteon Automation and Products.


We will work with you to come up with a viable Automation solution based on your requirements.










Examples Include:

  • Lighting Controls

  • Switched Outlets

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Thermostats

  • Web Cams

  • Amazon Echo/Alexa Integration

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